Alrighty, so you guys matched, and now you think you will go on a date soon!

WRONG. It just means you can start texting now.

At this point the power is in your hands to make this work or not. What are you texting her? a simple “hello”?

As you can see if you weren’t the only one who had this creative” idea… So what do you text instead?

Practically EVERY dating app user comes up with the same lame stuff, so being different is very important.

1: The FIRST message to a girl has to be funny

2: You need matches.

Most girls will never respond, or only respond with a short message, which sucks when you put a lot of time and effort into writing a creating first message.

What does it mean to have a match?

This one is worth thinking about for a moment, because many guys just assume that…

“Awesome! We’re a match. That means she likes me.”


It means she’s interested. There’s a huge difference. She’s just open for a conversation.

Mistakes guys make on a dating app

Mistake #1: Being a perv…

Everything that’s creepy, sexist, perverted or repulsive. Example below of a wrong way to write your match.

Being a pervert doesn’t work. So, stop it! It won’t work on women with class.

Mistake #2: Tell her how beautiful she is

They hear every day that they look beautiful.

Nevertheless, many men think that they’re the first to notice that a woman is attractive. And then they think it’s a great idea to inform the woman about it in the first message.

Trust us, she has heard all kinds of compliments about her body and beauty zillion times.

Instead try:

Mistake #3: Don’t play the loser

Men often want women so much that they adore them. And they don’t know a thing about the woman except that they think she’s hot:

Communicating with a message of this nature shows that your self-esteem is down below zero…

Instead, you might as well write:

“I’m a loser and it would’ve been better if you wouldn’t have liked me, because one thing’s for sure, I’ll be kissing your ass the whole time.”

This is such a bad way to start a conversation that we have to put this point behind us as soon as possible.

Mistake #4: Drownings her in messages

What you should never do is to start your own mini-series called “Desperate messages guaranteed to turn off any woman”.

Just look at how repulsive that is:

It’s much more effective to just stay cool when a woman doesn’t respond immediately.

Mistake #5: Use a standard “I googled this on the internet” line

The internet is full of “original pick up lines that guarantee you success. lol.

The problem is that these lines have been circulating for a while now. This means that half of the dating app users have already read them or sent them out in the hope of guaranteed success.

By this way, the only thing you do is give the impression you are copying and pasting your messages.

Women aren’t stupid.

What you can do, however, is to develop your own creative lines. A good first message should be slightly different from the standard “Hey, how are you?”

Here‘s an example:

The likelihood that a woman will respond to such a message is much higher because she feels that you wrote it just for her.

Which messages DO work?

Humor: Funny texts.

For instance, if the only thing her profile says is: In an uncomplicated relationship with red wine and cheese.

What does that mean? Right: An invitation to start right there.


I love cheese, too.

If you can’t find anything in her profile or on her first photo that could be commented on. In that case, just look at the other pictures, if her profile picture was made on one of her travels, mention:

What if she texts you first?

It can happen (with the emphasis on “can”) that a woman texts you first of her own accord.

This is a sign that she already liked your profile very much. If she starts the conversation with a standard phrase, you can tease her a little for that:

Now go an nail that first message!