Vibe is the new leading dating app, giving you the chance to find great new connections without all that annoying texting and swiping.

Our app is filled with al the hottest new dating spots, along with the classic favorites or, simply under the radar. You match, Vibe knows where to go.

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Focused on Actual Dates

Instead of just swiping and texting, Vibe sends you on actual dates. Isn’t that the point? The app suggest fun activities for our matches, at venues and locations nearby.

Automated Matching System

Vibe uses a proprietary matching system to find and connect the most compatible people. With just a short questionnaire, we get to know you, and your preferences. Then you can use our “auto-swipe” to see the best matches first.

Safe, Fun, and Guaranteed

At Vibe, our mission is to offer a safe, fun, easy way to match as many amazing people as possible. We do that by listening to our members, and working hard to constantly improve the Vibe dating experience.