Stop the searching
and go straight to connecting.

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No more endless swiping.
Vibe is a fun, fast-paced
dating app with a 100%
match making guarantee.

Our app focuses on activities, creating an online to
offline dating experience, ensuring everybody is
active, available, and engaged. With Vibe’s in depth
questionnaire you custom built your own interest
algorithm, giving you the chance to meet people
exclusively to your taste and liking. After all it’s all
about that one match, and one interaction.

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Matching System

Vibe matches you automatically with
the best matching person.
With an extensive questionnaire we get
to know you and your preferences.
The best matches wil be shown first and
you can use our “auto-swipe” function to automatically get the matches with the highest matching score.
Fill in the questionnaire, sit back and watch the matches come in!

Go on Fun Activities

Instead of going on the same awkward
date every time, we suggest fun activities
to do in your area.
Vibe suggest a venue or location nearby
where you can go on an activity of your
choice together with your match.

Match and Set a Date

Send a date proposal to one of your
matches and get the date confirmed
before you chat.
No more endless swiping and chatting.
Confirm, pay a small fee and then
plan your date!


“Our mission is to match people
and offer fun experiences.”

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The No Alcohol Required Date: Coffee and a Walk

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Reasons Why People (Mostly Guys) Breadcrumb You

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