About Us

Everyone wants to meet
that special someone
But with a population of
7 billion, combined with the
challenges we face these
modern times, it’s not
always easy! So Vibe is
here to give you a Helping

No more mindless swiping like other dating apps. Vibe is different from all the other dating apps out there. With our quick profile survey and special, custom-built matching algorithm, our members are able to meet up with people exclusively to their taste and liking.

The Vibe dating experience is fun,
fast-paced, and offers a 100% match
guarantee! With our “auto-swipe”, you just
sit back and watch your matches come in!
We also created a smooth, online to offline
dating experience, to help ensure that every
match is active, available, and engaged.

Join thousands of singles who are using
Vibe to connect with like-minded people,
and enjoy fun, covid-safe activities

Don’t sit around waiting for a lucky moment
to happen. Reserve your spot on Vibe now,
and let us find that special person for you!

Invite-only community

Vibe is currently an invite-only platform. We want to make sure that all our
members will ‘vibe’ together when they meet in real
life. We are working hard on building an online dating
community that helps everyone find that
special someone, with a focus on the shared interests and
special qualities they are seeking. If you can’t get in yet,
join the waiting list and we promise we will continue to
open up more memberships in the near future.

The Team

Vibe was founded by Niels van der Schoot in 2020 when he saw the need and the
opportunity for a new kind of dating app. In 2021 he joined forces with Myla, Simona and
Scott. Together they are the team behind Vibe.

Niels van der Schoot

Founder & CEO

Myriam Levy

Brand Specialist &
Content Creator

Simona Dal Bon

Online Marketeer

Scott Kennedy



Vibe is a cool new dating concept, that makes online dating a
lot less …. online. We know it’s hard to get a clear impression of
people through chat. It’s too easy to get wrong signals, and
make poor judgements about each other. Science shows that
chatting reveals very little about what people are like in real
life, and whether we would be compatible.

With Vibe, you can skip all the chatting nonsense, and go
straight to connecting. Vibe is designed to motivate singles to
actively meet. Because at the end of the day, the human
connection is what it’s really about. And even when it’s not
what you expected, you still will enjoy a fun experience together.
Creating that perfect profile takes a ton of work. You definitely
want to come off as interesting and attractive, but at the
same time, you mostly just want to Vibe with someone for who
they really are. Vibe is designed so you spend less time on the
app, and more time together!

We help make the matches, and get you to interact in the real
world. The rest is up to the universe…

For media inquires contact press@getvibe.com


Reach out and get the
conversation started.