If you are looking to find that special someone online (like the serious special someone), here are some tips:

Think about what you really want in a partner

To most of us, it seems that what we want in a partner is clear, but to actually write it down can sometimes be enlightening. Also helpful is to write down non-negotiable qualities you want in a partner.

If something is important to you, like an ivy-league education or a specific religion, don’t be afraid to utilize dating sites dedicated to these things

We all have biases. This is especially true when it comes to finding a mate. Be honest with yourself. Could you spend the rest of your life with someone of a different religion? With someone who wants or doesn’t want children? With someone who has a different education level than you?

While there is a certain snobbery and exclusivity within some of these dating sites, they do serve a purpose, and that purpose is to help you find more specifically what you want in a partner.

Use a profile picture with good lighting, but use a recent photo

We all want to look our best. However, posting a photo from 5 years ago when you looked better will only disappoint your prospective partner when he or she meets you. It also evokes distrust, and questions as to whether or not you will be honest with him/her in the future.

Set specific parameters on your profile

Use the tools the dating site provides such as the body types you are willing to date, education level, religion and activities in which you are interested.

Be prepared for a decrease in flirts or interest from others when you set more specific parameters

The more specific you are on your profile, the more likely it is that you will receive a decrease in interest from others. Don’t take it personally. Remember, you are trying to find a good match for you—not date a lot of people.

Be honest

There is no need to reveal everything about yourself right up front. These things, especially the difficult ones, can be revealed slowly. However, don’t lie about your age or exaggerate your income. They will eventually be revealed anyway.

Use humor

Nothing makes you look more approachable than humor. For instance, you could say something like, “I admit freely that the picture I posted here is a glamour shot. It has great lighting, and I don’t normally look this good, but why don’t you come and see for yourself!”

Keep an open mind

There is a reason you are single. Perhaps you have been choosing the same type over and over again, and it is not working. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Maybe try someone older than you normally date or someone with children, which you had never considered doing before.

Remember, if you’re looking for perfection, you’re never going to find it

If finding “the one” is your goal, good luck and good love. But if romance is not in the cards this Valentine’s Day, why not celebrate love in all its forms?

Happy Valentine’s Day!