Take note, daters…

If you’re going on a first date, you’re probably nervous enough without being told what you can and can’t wear, but it’s in your best interests to know.

How to make a lasting impression

Aside from generally being sound, conversing, wearing clean clothes and having some good personal hygiene, what can you do on a first date to ensure that you give yourself the best chance possible of making a lasting impression?

A survey about fashion and dating has revealed that there are some big no-nos when it comes to what to wear on a first date.

The online dating platform surveyed 6,646 of its members and analysed 34,579 profiles to gain insight into how daters dress, what’s proper date attire, and what fashion trends singles like best.


How you dress on your first date is actually very important, with 54% of women saying it’s a deal-breaker if a date is dressed poorly or has bad style. For men it doesn’t matter, because 73% of men said the exact opposite.

Apparently, the biggest of mistake you can make is wearing wrinkled clothes with 66% of people stating that it’s the biggest fashion faux pas a person can make on a first date (although it’s probably the same about all walks of life).

Another pet peeve for a lot of people is wearing baggy clothes with 50% saying it’s a mistake on a first date, but on the opposite end of the scale, 34% said that wearing a shirt that’s too tight doesn’t work for them.

The biggest mistakes

These are the biggest fashion faux pas for singles according to the 6,646 people surveyed and in reality, it should be common sense for most of you.

66% – Wrinkled clothes
55% – Socks and sandals
53% – Crocs
50% – Baggy clothes
45% – Granny panties
45% – Board shorts/swimwear
44% – Dressing too young for your age
39% – Pants that are too short/long
38% – Low-rise/slung pants
34% – Super tight shirts

Good luck!!