Women look for many qualities in a guy, but guess what: So do men. Men have an equal amount of desires and preferences that attract (or not attract) them to a specific kind of woman.

Read on if you want to learn more about what attracts a man to a woman!

1 .Beauty with brains

Even if some preach that brains and heart are what they all want in a woman, inwardly, it’s actually different. Men rely on their visuals a lot and so, they really look for a pretty woman, who can carry herself in an elegant, fun and amazing way. Sometimes they do prefer looks over good qualities that can be quite damaging to their personality. But, brains are also a major checkbox in the list for all!

2. Independency is attractive

Men strongly dislike clingy women and aim to move as far as possible from them. Hardly a surprise, but men tend to focus on women who are independent and self-sufficient. Contrary to the belief that men want to be the head of the house, what they want is to share a home with someone who can support and contribute to the relationship in every way possible.

3. Mind-reading is just not possible

Men hate having to guess what their woman is angry or frustrated about. Even if things might seem obvious, they would prefer to have an open and honest conversation with their girlfriends. Transparent communication is what every relationship requires to function properly without any misunderstandings. So, it’s better to just tell your man’ don’t overthink.

4. Sexy outfits aren’t overrated

It is true that men prefer to be around women with whom they can be comfortable. Whether it’s rolling on the bed with dinosaur PJs or munching on cheap, takeout food on a Saturday night. However, a constant schedule of this isn’t attractive all the time. Men will love it if women turned up at their doorstep in a stunning dress, ready to go out for a dinner date. Also, cute role-play outfits in the bedroom are just one of the many fantasies for them.

5. A tough yet warm heart

It’s not only women who judge someone’s character by how they treat waiters, but men do this as well. They really want someone tough who’s also compassionate and kind to those surrounding her. Having someone boastful at the table isn’t pleasant at all.

6. Popularity (but not too much)

Does he see you surrounded by friends and family? Or even by people who admire you?
Are you popular? Then you are interesting.

You don’t need a screaming crowd or millions of followers to get a nice boyfriend.
Most importantly, he can see that other people know and appreciate you. Often one mutual friend is enough.

For instance:

Organize something every now and then
Be a pacesetter at someone else’s party
Post photos of you with others on your social media

7. Wear clothes that flatter you

By this we don’t mean “expensive” or “luxurious looking,” just cute and well taken care of does the job.

9. Be optimistic

Depression and melancholy are not attractive.

A man wants to have fun and feel comfortable. Nobody needs to feel bad.
You don’t necessarily have to be the sun in the house at all times, but being a dark rain cloud that obscures the sun with its tears? no bueno.

Talk about nice things. Does he bring up something negative? Then don’t linger in it for too long.
Bring the atmosphere back to something cozy.

10. An average weight

Skinny is better than fat. Because fat woman have less energy. But slim is better than skinny.