Alright, let’s go ahead and shine some light on the positive side of newly dating someone! 

Normally everyone always talks about red flags, which we will also dive into in another post, but what about GOOD signs? 

Green flags are the types of things that you actually DO want to look for in a potential partner. They say “Hey, yes, this person is worth getting to know.”

Even though everyone has their individual preferences and tastes, there are still some universal things that scream “green flag” no matter who you’re dating. So to make it easier for you, we’ve compiled of solid green flags on all the things that mean you should definitely, probably pursue this person.

  • They remember the little, little things. If they know how you take your coffee, what your pizza order is, and your horoscope, this could be a keeper.

  • You align similarly on religious and political issues. Knowing someone’s belief system is an important aspect when deciding if this is someone you should be dating. And, pro tip: If religion and/or political issues are important to you, don’t wait to have these conversations until you’ve already established feelings for the other person.

  • They very clearly have close family and friends. It’s not the quantity of friends but rather the quality. If you hear them repeatedly mentioning a close friend or family member, it shows that they treasure relationships and have genuine connections with the people in their lives.

  • They follow-up with you when they know you had a ‘Big Thing’ happening. If after you tell them about a Big Thing—like say, a work presentation, an operation, etc.—they follow up with you to see how it went, that could mean they’re interested. If they remember to ask you about it later on, that shows they have been thinking about you and are genuinely concerned about how you’re doing.

  • You notice they are genuinely nice to other people. Do they give up their seat for the elderly? Do they hold the door open? Do they speak nicely to waiters and wait staff? Do they help someone struggling to carry a package? All green flags.

  • They are also genuinely nice to you, without expecting anything in return.

  • They make time for themselves and prioritize self-care. In whatever way, they are actively taking care of their mental health—whether through working out, cooking, journaling, meditating, practicing yoga, etc. Consider it a good move if, while also making time for you, they “engage in their favorite hobbies and talk to other important people in their lives. They let you know when they have that upcoming monthly get-together with their besties. They balance time with you, time to themselves, and time with others.

  • They have healthy boundaries. This means they know what they want, know what they don’t, and are able to let you know specifically what they needThey tell you what they need while reassuring you of their care for you. If they’re having a particularly bad day, this could look like them expressing that they need time to themselves, but they will reach back out the following day to schedule time to see you.

  • They ask you thoughtful questions—and most importantly, actually care about your answers. Your conversations should be easy, vulnerable, and open. But they should also listen to what you have to say rather than making it about themselves for every question. They should go deep with you.

  • They take their time getting to know you, and they don’t rush to DTR. Relationships take time to develop. They should take the time to fully know you before wanting to put a label on the relationship too early. However, be mindful this is not to be confused with someone who is playing games or being secretive about their intentions. Taking the proper amount of time signifies they value you and your time together.

  • They have role models in their life across all ages, genders, and background. This shows they value other people’s opinions who may not look or think like them. It also could mean “they’re able to see a range of what is powerful and worthy of attention. It helps if they’re specific or animated in their praise of others. Showing detailed admiration reflects well on their ability to connect.

  • They text or call you when they say they are going to. Consistency is key here. If the person you’re dating is good about texting/calling when they say they’re going to, makes sure to come through on the plans you make together, and the frequency of your communications is consistent, these are all great signs that he/she is dependable/reliable.