If you’re looking for a serious relationship through online dating you may be very excited when you decide to meet your online match in person for the first time.

When your first face-to-face meeting ends, don’t feel pressure to go on a second date if you end up not enjoying his or her company. While becoming a professional dater is not something to strive for, don’t feel that the first date you go on has to lead to a serious relationship, either.

Even if your chemistry with your online match is fantastic through chat, that spark may fizzle out when you meet each other in person. That’s perfectly normal…some people just don’t click when they meet face to face.

The point of dating, is to find someone you are compatible with and enjoy spending time with in person.

If you don’t feel that with the person you have met, you have every right to go with that feeling. Just make sure you are honest with your date about it, because he or she may think that your face to face date was just as wonderful as your past virtual communications.

Being honest with someone you went on a date with will earn you respect.

Also, remember that sometimes chemistry won’t develop until after a few dates. If you feel a mild connection with your date in person, it may be worthwhile to pursue it a bit further, until you are sure it will or won’t work for you.

Just remember to be honest with yourself and your dates and you will know when you have found the right relationship partner.