Most men actually have no clue about it!

BUT! Before we tell you how to be more interesting, FIRST you need to know how to be less uninteresting! Yes, how to actually completely kill any good vibes you could have got going for you.

Sooo, what are interest killers:

1: Neediness

Perhaps you know this phenomenon from somewhere:

The women we want don’t want us, and the women who want us we don’t want.

Why though? It’s due to neediness.

Neediness is attractive neither to women nor to men. And factually, needy women are more likely to get away with being needy than men.

With women, it can sometimes be quite sweet, but even a touch of neediness suddenly weakens a man’s attraction. Why?

  • Because it signalizes that you are dependent on others.
  • Because it shows that you don’t seem to have a higher mission (more about that later).
  • Because it’s associated with needy infants, which is why you are more likely to arouse their maternal instincts than their sexual drives.
  • Because that way she knows she can have you anytime, which destroys the thrill.
  • Because it sub-communicates that you have no other women in your life.

But unlike woman, the degree of your attraction is directly related to the degree of your neediness.

So, become a needy professional killer, and you’ll automatically look much more interesting, even if you haven’t changed anything else.

2: Jealousy

It’s ok to feel jealous at times, just don’t become a jealous bitch.

3: Whining

There’s hardly anything that makes you as unattractive as whining.

By whining, we mean the unnecessary sobbing, which doesn’t do you or your counterpart any good.

  • ‘I’m way too fat…’ → change something about it or accept it, but don’t whine.
  • ‘My girlfriend left me, and I’m still hung up on her…’ → Win her back or forget her, but don’t whine
  • ‘I don’t know how to go on…’ → Find out for yourself or get help, but don’t whine.
  • ‘I will never find a girlfriend…’ → Work on your seduction skills and get to know many women, but don’t whine.

AND NOW: How to be interesting!

1. Have laser focus

A man needs to have goals in life that can motivate and inspire. Without goals, you are like a leaf in the wind: disoriented and manipulable. No bueno.

It’s much better to have a clear course.

Maybe you’re wondering why women go for focused men like that. The short answer: It gives them security. It makes them feel like you are a dependable man able to keep charge of situations.

2. Master the art of storytelling

Why does good storytelling arouse the interest of women? It proves that you are enthusiastic about life. Enthusiasm is highly contagious, and almost everyone wants to have people around them who love life.

The more enthusiastic your voice, gestures, and facial expressions are, the less captivating the wording of your sentences must be to gain the interest of women.

3. Don’t be dull AKA boring

Avoid boring questions whose answers don’t even interest you as if it were a matter of life and death.

Boring conversations make you uninteresting in seconds.

So don’t ask women questions like:

  • ‘Where are you from?’
  • ‘What are you studying?’
  • ‘What is your hobby?’

Unless you are genuinely interested in her answer.

But even if you are, it’s always better to turn your questions into statements. For example, instead of asking her where she comes from, you could make the following statement:

“You seem like someone who grew up in the village. For years, you lived without an alarm clock and let your favorite rooster wake you in the morning.”

Now you’ve turned a boring question into a funny statement. And the good thing is: After that, you can still ask where she comes from.

4. Pimp your style

There is a significant impact on appeal when you start to pay a little more attention to style. This study shows that the first impression is strongly dependent on the clothing worn at that specific moment. This means: If your outward appearance isn’t appealing, you make it difficult for women to get a good impression of you.

5. Don’t be a dime a dozen


Men want to please women. It’s understandable. But you don’t succeed by adapting your behavior and opinions to them.

For example, if you like meat and she tells you she’s a proud vegan, don’t tell her that you…

  • Had for breakfast vegan chia pudding with soy yoghurt
  • Had for lunch green cucumber salad with bamboo shoots
  • And had for dinner, coconut tofu with Asian Savoy cabbage.

Tell her openly and honestly that you eat meat, even if it isn’t what she wants to hear.

When you do that, it creates tension.

Tension is uncomfortable, that’s for sure. But tension is never boring.

VERDICT: Now go and use your newly gained vibes