At Vibe we are pretty sure that you, if you fall into the category of “looking for a serious relationship” are also seriously tired of wasting time with incompatible partners.

Good thing 2022’s biggest trend – “hard-ball dating” – could be the key to your relationship issues.

Whether you were single throughout lockdown, experienced a break-up or went through a string of weird situationships, 2022 might just be the year that many of us get clear on exactly what we want from our love lives.

According to new research

Almost half of single people (46%) globally are looking to ‘reset’ their dating lives in the new year. A study conducted by another dating site, corroborated this, finding that 78% of daters say they feel stress and burnouts from consistently going on incompatible dates.

The solution for singles that are ready to finally crack the dating code? It’s “hard-ball dating”.

Put simply, hard-ball dating is about being more open and honest with potential partners about exactly what it is we want from the relationship.

“Modern dating can be so confusing: you can see someone regularly, message every day, be physically intimate, but in no way be in a committed relationship. With such a lack of clarity, it’s unsurprising that some women are choosing a much more direct approach when it comes to expressing what they want.

“The benefit of hard-balling is clear: figure out whether someone is open to the same things as you faster.”

This way there is no jealousy, no conversations around exclusivity, and no pondering about the future of the relationship. You enjoy the time you spend together, for as long as you choose to see each other. 

Hard-balling too harsh?

For some, hard-ball dating may seem a bit harsh and may find it difficult to express their intention on dates and what they’re looking for, for fear of what the other person would think of them.

But despite this, 82% of daters surveyed still said that they wanted to be more open and honest about their intentions as it would benefit relationships down the line.

Ultimately this trend is about compatibility, and you not only want to find someone who wants the same things as you, but who responds to how you like to communicate.