Think you know your ‘type’? Think again.

The next dating trend for singles will be jumping on is ‘explori-dating’, which basically means exploring further horizons and dipping a toe in a pool of potentials you would never have explored before.

For some people they have broadened their definition of what they are looking for. And others are making completely new choices when it comes to what they are looking for in a partner.

One of the key findings is that 57% of single people are now prioritising emotional availability and 24% care less about a partner’s physical appearance than they did before the pandemic.

But fret not, this is considers healthy behaviour, meaning, physical attraction is important but it’s not what makes you fall in love with someone, while being able to connect emotionally with your partner is what will build the foundations of a strong relationship.

Don’t just go for the same old type that you have always gone for—think outside the box and you may find your perfect match.