2022 dating just got serious. Finally. Long-term committed relationships are not just the must-have accessory for the season, but they are here to stay. Gone are the days of casual dating and seeing what happens, instead this year is bringing a stronger desire to find ‘the one’.

Unlike previous years, this year’s dating trends are far more optimistic and hopeful about the future of love. While “ghosting,” “apocalypsing” and “breadcrumbing” may still be around in small doses, bigger and better trends are coming and bringing with it a re-invigoration of the dating game!

Who else is excited?

Below 4 of the up and coming dating trends to keep an eye on.

1. Aggrandising

When a single person expands their criteria to increase their own-personal attractiveness amongst the opposite sex.

2. Intendating

– focusing on the long-term goal of the relationship e.g. marriage, children etc. and dating accordingly to make that happen.

3. Prelimidating

– acting exclusive and enjoying the constant companionship and regular dates, allowing you to trial what a relationship would be like before making it official.

4. Quixotic

– the process of declining perfectly matched introductions because they don’t meet a criteria of unrealistic expectations that are out of reach.

There they were! Optimistic, right? Whether you are new to the dating scene or been here a while, it seems the dating game is going through a positive change and love is back in style! After all, there is someone out there for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding them.

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