Many guys simply LOSE it when it comes to dates. 

What do I say? What do I wear? How do I pick her up? Should I bring her flowers? Where do we meet? What the hell should I do with the check?

Gnarling anxiety no-mas amigos! We have gathered some precious tips for you to nail the next date. 

First let’s start with the obvious question: What is dating etiquette?

Spoiler: It’s not (just) about opening and holding the door or bringing her flowers… p.s: that is NOT the way to someone’s heart.

Yep, all those romantic movies have been fooling you for years.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to have a successful date.

How do I ask someone on a date?

It’s very simple: just ask her.

Don’t make it into something too big, and realize it is the most normal thing in the world to ask someone on a date. You like her, you want to get to know her. What else could you do?

Do it calmly and naturally, as if you are commenting on the weather.

It doesn’t have to be a sugary proposal to marry her; big chance she’ll be gone immediately if you try that.

“Hey let’s have a drink on Saturday night!” usually does it.

Etiquette for a first date

Take the initiative yourself and decide how the date will look like. This means: don’t endlessly discuss with her what you guys are gonna do.

As a man, it is more up to you to lead. She’ll appreciate this a lot more than someone who discusses everything.

Give her a nice date idea (Or get on Vibe, we’ve got the suggestions covered) and see how she reacts. Probably she will say yes and you’ll be good to go.

The best locations for a first date

Women usually find it more comfortable to meet a man in public for the first time. Just to check that you’re not Jack the Ripper.

So don’t suggest to hang-out at your place first, even if it is raining like crazy. 

It is fine to meet somewhere outside and then walk together shortly before you end up at your indoor location (not being your house 😉). This allows you to walk away the nerves together.

What kind of date?

Try something dynamic. A date should be spontaneous and you need to have time to get to know her.

Take her on a walk through the city, grab a coffee somewhere, or share a bottle of wine in a park, go to a painting class. Girls love to be creative and artsy. 

A date can also be unique. Skydiving or indoor climbing is fun, but that all depends on whether she is into that as well.

Touching on a date

Touches are the best way to quickly get used to each other.

Besides, you’ll come across as approachable and self-confident.

Just be mindful to stay subtle.

I don’t think I have to tell you that the old hand-over-her-shoulders-while-you-yawn-trick is lame…

Rather give her a small push when she makes a joke, or place your hand on her shoulder when you head in a new direction on your walk together.

As long as the contact is spontaneous, you’re good.

Do stay aware of signals indicating she’s not comfortable with your touch.

Who pays the check?

This is the only Stone Age cliché that you may honor if you’d ask me.

Whereas 58% of the singles say the check should be split on the first date, I do not agree.

You can instantly ruin the mood if you are being complicated about paying the tab.

Casually swipe your credit card out of your wallet and get it to the machine quickly so it won’t even be a point of discussion.

Making out on a date

There are no set rules for kissing on the first date.

Research cited by eHarmony shows that women are more hesitant towards a kiss on a date than a man is. This however doesn’t mean that you should! Always read the situation well.

If she stares deep into your eyes at the goodbyes, go for a smooch.

Dating rules for a second date

A follow-up date can be more intimate than the first one. The second date is the moment where you show her that you like her.

You want to get to know each other even better and probably talk about stuff that’s meant only for your and her ears.

So you could suggest doing something together at your place or hers, or to head to a remote place for a picnic together.

Then she’ll probably also feel more comfortable with a good make-out session 😉