Think of this one as a stepping stone to the fancier dinner date.

Everyone loves pizza and it’s accessible almost anywhere.

Pizza is an inexpensive meal in a casual setting that will encourage the two of you to talk. Unlike a very formal, expensive dinner, the laid-back tone of the pizza parlor will allow for easy flow and it won’t feel super forced.

You could even get creative with the pizza toppings to test one another. It’s all about what you make it when it comes to a date like this, and it’s pretty hard to mess up.

The main idea behind a great 1st date is to do something that promotes conversation. This all ties back to the idea of first impressions. You want to be remembered in a positive way and you want your date to come back (probably).

The best casual first date advice is to relax and choose an activity that promotes this idea, while also keeping in mind the likes and interests of your date if you know some.