One unexpectedly romantic date idea is going treasure hunting for antiques.

The dating process itself is, in a way, a lot like a treasure hunt. You have a vague idea of fabulous find out there in the world.

Starting and building a relationship is a constant process of finding out more and more about one another.

Antique treasure hunting can thus be a great way of bringing that discovery process to life in a fun, creative way.

“Shopping dates” can come across as materialistic, tacky, and excessively expensive.

By contrast, antiquing typically takes on the connotation of being less about simply “buying things.”

Instead, it is about seeking out and learning more about fun, unique finds – which is precisely what you’re trying to do with your relationship.

This can be one of the best romantic date ideas for partners who show an interest in crafting, art, or history.

Better still, going antiquing means being active.

If you’re looking to stir up some chemistry and talking points, this date night idea might just be pure gold.