Oh gosh, It’s the end of the year and the holidays are rolling around. Yet, you still haven’t met anyone special. Don’t you just hate this time of year when you are alone and single? It’s so romanticized and you feel like everyone is coupled up and out there with someone all snuggled up by the fireplace drinking hot cocoa with marshmellows but you.

Well, let us tell you that’s not the case. You just feel like it is. The worst is when you are fresh off a break up and you remember what the holidays used to be like with that person. One day, and it’s hard to believe, you will be making new memories and traditions with someone that you are madly in love with who makes you very happy.

Until then, we are here to give you a few pointers on how you can find love in time to ring in the New Year with a new someone. Read on to see how you can happily flirt your way through the holidays this year:

1) Take advantage of all holiday parties. Show up and be ready to flirt. Need a conversation starter, bring your own mistletoe. Never know when you might need it.

2) Go to your city’s Christmas tree lighting. Remember, always be ready to flirt by smiling in some sexy stranger’s direction.

3) There are lots of events that involve your pets. Take your dog to meet Santa and have a photo taken. If you don’t have a dog, borrow your friend’s dog for a few hours. It will be crazy fun.

4) Single cruises at the holidays are always fun. Check them out. If you do nothing else this season, leave after Christmas and meet other singles on the cruise. Its a great way to spend New Years , get away from the cold, and meet someone new if meeting nothing more than a solid network of single people.

5) Check out your town Calendar. There are a ton of events. You just have to get out there, look good, smile, and put away your phone! Trust me, there are a lot of single people out there during the holidays.