If you have ever wondered, “what turns a woman on” you have come to the right blogpost.

Vibe wants to give you some tips and tricks on how to make a woman’s heart beat faster.

What you’ll need? An expensive car? A bouquet of flowers? A box of chocolates? A full bank account?

Maybe until now you thought it was one or all of these things that drive women wild, but in reality, that’s a no.

It’s much deeper than that.

What women look for in men is…


Women want to experience strong, positive emotions. So even though a woman may get invited to go to the fanciest dinner in town, her heart will not necessarily be there with her. For instance, take the titanic love story:

This film contains a universal truth that shouldn’t be ignored: Love is not a rational decision. Jack is imperfect for Rose in every way:

  • He has no manners
  • He’s poor
  • He doesn’t have a high status

And yet he manages to conquer a woman’s heart from one of the wealthiest families. How does he do it?

He triggers the most diverse emotions in her through his multifaceted approach.

If you watch the movie again, see how she reacts to Jack. You’ll notice that she cries, laughs, worries, is very impressed and aroused. This doesn’t mean, by the way, that material wealth and status aren’t desirable.

It means that there isn’t anything more exciting for women than an emotional adventure. Emotions are nothing more than chemical messengers that are released in our brain.

2. Leadership skills

Of course it isn’t enough to let a woman experience only positive emotions, guys who have fallen in the friendzone know about it… No. She has to associate them with you too and know that no other man can make her feel this way.

You must be the source of these emotions. Take the lead. This is fundamentally important.

You could do everything else wrong, but if you are good at taking the lead, you’ll still get results.

One reason why dating or flirting is often uncomfortable or boring is that most men don’t dare take the reins of conversation. Women find hesitant and indecisive behavior unattractive. It’s associated with small boys. Certainly not with a confident man.

3. Physical strength

I know that you’re taught the idea that men and women are equal. And yes, we at Vibe are also in favor of equality. But letting men and women enjoy equal rights has nothing to do with the fact that they’re equal.

In fact, there are significant difference between men and woman. It starts with external features that are the result of a completely different physiology. Our bodies function differently and these are the foundation on which the house of our personality is built.

Studies show that men are on average three times as strong as women. As a man, you certainly don’t long for a woman who is bigger and stronger than you. That’s a turn-off for most men.

Most people are attracted to a very feminine woman who has the following characteristics:

  • Beautiful, long hair
  • Healthy curves in the right places
  • Soft skin
  • No wrinkles
  • Symmetrical face

And women like masculine features:

  • Muscular body
  • Low body fat
  • Size
  • Beard growth
  • Angular face
  • Healthy level of fitness

Since it’s a masculine characteristic, physical strength is something that women find sexy in men.

In these peaceful times of our western society, it may have become less important, but all the thousands of years before, women were heavily dependent on it.

Today there are strict laws that make it illegal to physically overpower a woman (which is a good thing), but it still happens from time to time…

If the average Joe is three times stronger than a woman, it’s an evolutionary consequence that she develops the instinct to have a strong man protect her.

If you want to be that someone, you can do three things:

  1. Go to the gym
  2. Pay attention to your diet
  3. Learn a martial art

4. Emotional strength

Do not lose your cool just because a woman didn’t answer his WhatsApp message right away…

A woman has no interest in playing your mama and taking care of your emotions. Do you know what a woman finds sexy extraordinarily? If you’re a tower of strength. Someone who, no matter how rough the sea is, stays calm and steady. Showing empathy for a woman’s drama doesn’t mean taking over her emotions. In fact, it’s better to stay as calm as possible.

Women love it when you can stay calm while they’re freaking out. If you can be an unshakable rock even in stormy seas, she knows she can trust you. Don’t take it personally, but women don’t like rags… they want a real alpha male.

5. Passion

Passion is probably the best way to seduce a woman.

When you are very excited for something, it can rub off on them. It’s called the law of energy transfer.

Have you ever experienced that you laughed with friends and suddenly this one serious person joins in and the laughter is blown away? This is the power of energy transfer.

The good news is that this also works with passion. Fill your life with things you want to do. This creates passion in your life, which you can then transfer to her.

That could really be anything. Suppose you love Kite Surfing. Then it’s a good idea to take her on a surf tour. Or at least to tell her about it.

Then you are completely in your element and draw her into your spell of passion, into which she likes to be carried away.

Why? Because you let her experience positive and intense emotions.

6. Maturity

Women like mature men, not giant babies.

But what is maturity?

Does that mean you should grow a mustache, smoke a pipe and always read the newspaper in the morning? No, I’m talking about emotional maturity. And you develop it through the following things:

  • Gather as much experience as possible
  • Think about where you see yourself in five years.
  • Think about your values that you think are important
  • Don’t tell lies just to achieve a short-term goal
  • Try to act and speak as thoughtfully as possible (I know this isn’t always easy)
  • Control your emotions

7. Adventurousness

Most men get lazy once they are in a relationship. Men are simple creatures who don’t need much. Give them #1 passion + an attractive woman + sandwiches … and they are happy.

But women have a different way of thinking. They crave emotional stimulation and adventure.

If you don’t give her these things, someone else will. To avoid this, do the following:

  • Think of each of your dates as a first date. Never stop seducing her.
  • Plan one evening a week, on which you do something special
  • Spend as little time with her as possible. If you see her every day, she has nothing to look forward to and no news to tell you
  • Avoid routines.

That’s how you manage to keep a woman addicted to you forever.

So. Here you go.

7 qualities that make you an attractive male (and drive women crazy with).