9/10 times we see people getting lost in endless debates about their weekend or other super unexciting events.

Why make everything complicated when it can be done simply?

This is the principle that you should follow not only in online dating but best in your entire life.

What do we mean by that?

Send a message that makes one curious.
They reacts to this by telling you something about themselves and asking you something.
You give a short and concise answer. You say something to what they said about themselves or ask a question about it. In this manner, you exchange about 10-15 messages.
At some point, you know enough about each other to decide whether you both want to meet and continue a date.
You meet up and have a memorable date.
There’s a common thread running through this.

Of course, this order is not set in stone, but try to stick roughly to this scheme.

What you shouldn’t do is…

Send over 30 texts before you propose a meeting
Overload each other with long texts
Give extensive details about you that nobody asked for
Asking complicated questions that one has to think about for a long time to answer them

Good luck!