You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This is also true with online dating. Make sure that the profile picture you create describes you as best as possible! Prepare for the picture like you would a first date. Here are a few tips for great pictures:

1) Have a friend spend 2-3 hours with you taking pictures from a digital camera or if you have a phone with an amazing camera, also great.

2) Have a change of clothes handy to get you in different outfits.

3) Get some fun action shots. Pictures of people having fun pass on to others that you are a fun person.

4) Let your friend go crazy with the camera.

5) The more interesting or creative the picture, the better reason it gives for someone to contact you and ask you about the photo (or comment on it).

6) Make sure you’re clearly visible in the pictures and that the outfits you wear flatter your complexion.

7) Select the 3-4 that you like the best. Use these in your profile. Every couple of weeks, change your main profile picture so that your profile looks fresh.