That’s it: You are online, made a Vibe account, filled in your questionnaire, created your bio, added a few cool pictures and now the matching games begin!

Congratulations, you have a successful match! That’s awesome! The date and location are set, and now is the time: How will you open the conversation? Or better, what will you say that won’t make you sound like you own the bible of cheesy one- liners.

Regardless of what app you use, in today’s article, we are going to show you great openers for online dating, which you can use on any platform.

Get this: When it comes to online dating, Just texting isn’t enough to set you apart from the crowd.

So before we fill you in on how to create outstanding openers, or “ice-breakers?” let’s get one thing straight:

1: Your profile is the foundation of your opener

You shoot a signal in his or her direction with your first text to make them aware of your profile. And then there are actually only three options:

1: Your opener is bad and will be rejected immediately.

2: Your opener is good; they look at your bad profile and don’t respond.

3: Your opener is good; your profile is good, and they respond.


So rule nr.1: Get a badass profile.

2: Don’t be an ass-kisser

These are lame, boring and outdated. Try a bit more originality.

3: Use his of her name

We, humans, are heavily conditioned to our first name. A baby doesn’t even know what words are, let alone what they mean. But he regularly hears a sound that’s used by others to get the baby’s attention.

And you can use this conditioning to your advantage by using their name in your messages. That way, they automatically feel more addressed, and your message is less generic.

This alone can be a sufficient ice-breaker.

4. The unpopular opinion

The idea is quite simple: Share an unpopular opinion. At best, it’s so unpopular that they can’t leave it unanswered.

Does it have to be your actual opinion?

Not at all.

An example:

Why? Because it’s hard to leave this text unanswered.

After that, you’re welcome to write something like:

I only used Trump’s name to get your attention. 😉 Anyway… tell me more about you!

5. The clickbait compliment

This opener also makes one curious. Then you pay them a sincere, specific compliment – for example, that this elegant, feminine style of dress suits her very well.

The disadvantage: It’s, unfortunately, a bit of an ass-kisser (but still within limits).

The advantage: It’s direct, and it would be weird if they don’t expect a flirtatious conversation.

6: Radical honesty

Teaching you this opener is a little risky, because you’re going to be way off base, but sometimes they will respect you so much that you’re immediately interesting to them.

It works as follows:

You text, “Can I be honest with you?” and then wait for a response. An answer is likely because your question (1) arouses curiosity, and (2) everyone appreciates honesty.

And then you formulate 1:1 the thought that you had when you searched through this profile. Unfiltered, sincere, and shameless. No matter what the thought was!

Good luck!