If you are reading this you are most likely on Vibe or another dating app.

But instead of getting match after match, you barely get any matches or responses… The quality of your pictures plays a big role, if you have no idea how to create a better profile picture, read here.

The fact that you clicked on this article shows that you already have a hunch: It’s probably your profile text.

Yeah, right. This small text field, which is actually supposed to describe yourself in more detail. Or is it?

Why that piece of information is important:

People usually swipe super fast, and usually don‘t care bout your profile text IF:

  • If your main photo is amazing, you get a Like without further thought.
  • If your main photo is insufficient, you get a red X – mercilessly and at record speed

But what happens if your main picture is in the in-between area? People do two things:

  • They check out the rest of your other pictures.
  • Read your profile text.

The hard truth is: If the rest of your pictures are sufficient, but your profile text provokes at best a “Well…“, and at worst an “ouch”, it looks bad for a match. bad profile text can therefore lead to fewer matches. So how will people know if YOU are worth the time? A killer profile text!

#1: The biggest mistake almost everyone makes. It is important to find the right balance between funny and sincere.

We all love humor. But humor is not the crucial point. In fact, too much humor can even seem as if you are desperately trying to make an impression, we call that the “Clown Effect.” So take it easy with the jokes or sarcasm.

Also: Most people make this one mistake: They use their profile text to pass on FACTUAL INFORMATION about themselves…

Jessica loves to eat and exercise? Oh, really? Just like everybody else?

Cindy loves to travel. As do 99% of the remaining 24-year-olds.

Also: Does your profile text look something like this: “Music, party, friends, food, traveling…”? Then you just have to click on “select all” and press the backspace key ←.

The Golden Online Dating Bios Rule is: Be different from the rest (and keep your life story for your diary or your grandchildren)

#2: The modalities of a good profile text. Usually a dating app bio can have a maximum of 500 characters.

But that’s not a problem, because an attention-grabbing description should not be longer than that anyway.

The first 20 words are especially important. If your first two sentences are dull, there is the probability that nobody will not even read through the oh so fabulous rest.

Important: Grammar and spelling mistakes are not sexy.

#3: The passionate collector

Passionate collector of great memories. A fetish for adventure, pizza and the word “yes”.

Travelfreak, world-hugger, shameless leader and part-time-nerd.

Swipe right. I am somewhat friendly and charming at times 🙂

Why these texts works:

  • It triggers positive emotions.
  • It sub communicates attractive qualities.
  • It contains a lighthearted command to swipe right.
  • The most unattractive man
  • You should always make it clear that you’re the coolest in town, perfect for anybody, right?

Get those dates.