You have had a few amazing dates, connected perfectly and you just simply enjoy spending time with her. So far, so good.

But somehow, her texts feel a bit weird sometimes, and then you start feeling that she doesn’t really want you: Then maybe she’s playing hard to get with you…..

Now how do you distinguish if: “Is she playing hard to get or she is simply not interested”?

Why do girls play hard to get anyway? 4 reasons.

  • We humans always want things we can’t have. You could say it’s in our nature. When something is handed to us just like that, we don’t even begin to appreciate it as much as something we had to invest energy in to get it. Many women want to take advantage of this psychological fact. They see it as a kind of tactic to let you fidget a little bit before you gradually get more of her. What do they hope to gain by this? That you think they’re awesome and that you’ll stick with them, of course.
  • The second reason is that women are also sometimes insecure. She needs assurance that you’re really interested in her and that she isn’t just another notch in your bedpost.
  • The third reason? She’s not convinced of you yet. Women play “hard to get” with you especially when they find you attractive but are not yet sure if you’re really a “quality man”.
  • The fourth reason is that women have a legitimate fear of being seen as “sluts” if they give themselves to you too quickly. Many men – and especially other women – judge women for their sexual needs. They do this mainly out of insecurity. They cannot cope with the fact that another person is more uninhibited than they are. Or they do it out of fear of losing their woman to someone else.

But now let’s get to the bottom of this:

Is this girl playing hard to get? – A few simple signs

If she’s interested, but plays hard to get:

She doesn’t refuse to meet you
She gives you a reasonable amount of resistance; for example, she says, “What if I don’t want to meet you 😉” or “Who says I’m interested? “, but still communicates with you normally.
When she looks at the floor, she tends to look at the ground, but smiles
She takes her time to text back, but answers without you having to remind her
There’s one more point I would like to emphasize.

Here is a checklist once again. If these points are familiar to you, then you don’t need to worry – the woman is just playing with you:

Eye contact: She checks you out, looks you straight in the eye, and makes eye contact.
Her body language is open, she leans towards you, her feet point in your direction, she plays with her hair and smiles.
She laughs a little too much at your jokes.
She’s not afraid to touch you or make excuses to do so.
She enjoys talking to you.
She seems a little jealous when you talk about or flirt with other women.
She asks you personal questions to get to know you better.
You want to learn more about the signs of female body language? Then click here:

What if she plays “hard to get” with you while texting?

Remember, if she only responds to your messages briefly and choppily, she may simply not be interested in you.

What you should better not do when she’s playing with you

It doesn’t matter if a woman isn’t interested in you, or just plays with you. The bottomline is that you should give her the same treatment:


Certainly don’t fight for a woman who doesn’t match you in any way. Time is too precious.

Good Luck!