Alright fellas, today we’re going to save you tons of frustration, time and headaches… By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be an expert at identifying unsuitable partners.

How so?

By showing you which signs you should watch out for in order to recognize which date/girl will turn out to be a controlling, manipulative girlfriend.

1: You are her puppet

Have you ever though: “Wow, this sex is amazing!” It isn’t uncommon that some men get wrap up around a woman’s finger because the sex is great.

But if her behavior resembles borderline- characteristics, there’s high likely something wrong with her…

An example: One second she wants absolute seclusion and would rather jump into a fountain of lava than spend time with you…… and the other second, she jumps all over you to invite you to a hardcore sex marathon and can’t get enough of you.

In addition, she knows exactly how to touch you and how to turn you on massively.

The catch in the story: Her highest goal isn’t your welfare. She uses your attraction for her to influence your behavior as she was your puppeteer.

You’re the monkey in her circus. For example, she threatens you with sex breaks. Your highest goal then is to satisfy the insatiable desires of your gf at all costs.

You lose contact with your friends and with YOU: Your own needs and your drive.

2: She’s using you as her psychotherapist

Was she already up to her neck in problems, when you met her? As in, she just came out of a break up, she has trouble at work, her pet died, she’s been depressed all year etc.

If so, all your alarm bells should go off!

It’s perfectly normal and understandable that people have problems. However, if your flame displays a self-pitying victim mentality, you should establish a skeptical, vigilant distance from her.

A controlling girlfriend then uses her problems to swallow up all the energy of people around her like a black hole.

Her ‘How are you doing, honey?’ is usually a mere formality and not a product of her serious interest in you.

Often, she’s less interested in the things that mean a lot to you. As soon as the conversation turns to you, her next problem just happens to pop up.

Usually, that break up she just had before you was a result of similar circumstances. Mostly their lives are dominated by one problem. As if it was a pattern, she almost exclusively attracts men who want to play her ‘savior in distress’.

Instead of a woman who displays a constant victim mentality, you deserve a woman at your side who takes her life into own hands with full responsibility.

3: She’s a controlling girlfriend

Is she super jealous?

A healthy amount of jealousy is human – but if the woman at your side is a deep hole of insecurities, it’s impossible to fill it.

You could always leave her for another woman. Therefore, she wants to prevent your ‘Boys Night Outs’ at all costs.

While you tell her about your plans, she interrogates you like a CSI agent. Or she passive-aggressively ‘rewards’ you with an ignore-marathon because you eventually went out with your friends instead of spending the sixth evening in a row with her.

The possessive temperament of your partner can even lead to finding yourself in a deep well of isolation, because she cuts off all of your communication with the ‘outer world’.

You can literally become addicted to them, for example by having some breathtaking sex a few times.

The man who is almost resistant to such women is the proactive man. He knows, how to create alternatives in case he meets a toxic, manipulative woman with whom he cannot have a healthy relationship.

If you recognize any or all of these behavioral patterns, stay far away from that woman.

Good luck!