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See a couple examples below:

 Drinks: W Lounge

A comfy-chic interior, swanky staff, amazing rooftop and tower view; this drinks spot (head to the adjoining Mr. Porter restaurant for an amazing steak meal afterwards) is a no-brainer. Just make sure you have a wallet to impress, class comes at a price.

Dinner: Gin en Mossel

The spiffed-up industrial interior is lovely, but bonus points if you can land a spot in the walled garden. Either way, you’re indulging in at least two known aphrodisiacs: mussels (or other seafood if you prefer) and alcohol, the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Entertainment: Amsterdam Dungeon Haunted House

If thrill seeking or horror movies are you and your date’s fancy, then check out Amsterdam’s Dungeon. The extreme haunted attraction will make sure she will grab your arm in a fright multiple times. Choose this at your own risk.

Creative: Bake together

Pick a recipe that will serve you well for your date night. If you want to be adventurous and learn something new, then go with a recipe you’ve never tried. If you want to know for sure you’re going to love the dessert, then go with an old standby. You might even want to have a bake off where you both make something different.

Adventure: Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing can be something great for everyone:
Try your hand at this adventurous water sport (rentals available on the spot) or simply relax
and take in the beautiful views of the sea.

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