It’s all about RWSE: Raised With Sisters Energy. It’s basically a vibe that radiates from people who grew up with female siblings—and, importantly, were close with them.

Often, guys that grew up with a sister have a deeper level of emotional intelligence, and you know who agrees with me? Real mental health experts.

“Having a sister enhances one’s ability to be a communicative and empathic partner,” says psychotherapist Imani Movva. This is most likely because women tend to be better at self-reflection and really good at perceiving others’ needs, she explains. And growing up around all that (no matter your own gender) = soaking up so much good stuff.

Raise your hand if you want fewer shady texts, better apologies, and the ability to vent about your BFF’s partner…All! The! Time!

Another v important thing is that “someone who grew up with female siblings likely learned how to compromise, have patience, or, at the very least, wait their turn,” adds relationship expert Stephania Cruz. (My own translation of “wait their turn”: They’re, like, really good at sex.)

Before you come for me, pls know I recognize that lots of people don’t have sisters, and they technically don’t have to have a sister to have exceptional relationship skills. There are definitely those out there who get a little RWSE from their moms, aunts, friends, whomever.

Factoring in RWSE when screening romantic prospects is a game changer. You won’t get shady “ok” texts from someone with RWSE. You won’t receive half-assed apologies like, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” And you certainly won’t get an eye roll when you want to vent about your BFF’s partner again.

The next time you go on an FBI-level deep on a Vibe match, scan their socials for any signs of a sister.