The concept behind this creative date is simple, yet a lot of fun. For this date, you arrange a trip, hike, or beach experience and each of you brings along a digital camera. Spend time finding interesting (and fun) things to take pictures of. Make sure your partner is in several of the pictures (and hopefully vice versa). If there are other people around, have them take some pictures of the two of you.
The more creative places you go (or things you have to play with), the more fun this experience will be. Take lots of pictures then go back home and jointly decide which ones you like the best. Now digitally print out those pictures or use an online digital photo printing service like Kodak Prints. You may even want to build, through a service like Kodak Prints, a 12 month calendar using your 12 best photos. In addition, you could create a special scrapbook to forever remember your creative date of photo fun!