Why Rock Climbing Dates Are Good Even For Non-Climbers:
Even if you or your date don’t already climb, going on a bouldering or rock climbing date can still be a great idea. First off, it is a fun and adventurous activity for a weekday night or full day during the weekend, something that will help to loosen you up and feel more relaxed.

We are also often more spontaneous when learning something new, so if it is your first time trying rock climbing, you may feel exhilarated, making the date night more exciting. It is also a great excuse to try something you’ve never done before, especially if you’ve been wanting to try rock climbing for a while. Even if the date didn’t work out, at least you had plenty of fun and a great workout.

What Do You Wear to a Rock Climbing Date?
Because rock climbing is not your typical dinner or coffee date, it may be a challenge finding just the right outfit to wear to the climbing gym. Of course, you will want to wear comfortable, for example athletic workout clothing , but that doesn’t mean that you have to forego a fashionable outfit.

What to wear for ladies
For girls, you can pick a cute athletic outfit, such as leggings and a tank top or sports shirt. You’ll want to make sure that you are wearing stretchy, comfortable bottoms, as rock climbing often requires flexibility.

What to wear for men
For guys, you can wear a breathable t-shirt and some athletic shorts or stretchable pants from Prana or Columbia, depending on the weather ( Strongly recommend long pants versus shorts, as you do not want your date looking you in the wrong way while belaying you). Additionally, be sure to pack according to the weather, and don’t forget to throw in a thermal shirt or a warm water-resistant jacket if it is going to be cold.