Hey everyone!

We all know that dating means different things for each of us: it might just be fun, exciting; sometimes it’s awkward, complex, and laborious. But for sure, everyone agrees on the fact that is not simple.

So, in order to make things easier we did a bit of research and figured out 5 of the best practices that every single should keep in mind when on a date – especially during the early stages:

  1. Don’t act like a needy person

Until you’re in a solid relationship, try not to show any neediness. So, avoid acting like there’s anything you need from the other person.

  1. Don’t be negative

Avoid criticizing other people, or complaining about things. Try to always have a positive mindset and attitude. In fact, one of the main reasons we’re attracted to people is because they are going to make our lives happier and bring some sunshine in our days. So, if you had a bad day, maybe keep it for yourself 

  1. Don’t talk too much

Maybe you are just super excited or a little too overwhelmed so you start talking and talking too much… Please, remember to pause, breath and leave the other person some space.

  1. Be funny and have fun

We all like to smile and (even more) to laugh. When you’re getting to know someone new, show them that despite the outcome of your date you‘re definitely going to have fun.

  1. It’s a discovery

Always remember: your goal is not to find out if your date likes or accepts you. On the contrary, you are finding out out if you like your date or not. Dating is a discovery process. Try to understand if your date has the qualities you are looking for, and if he or she makes you feel good.

That’s all we have for today…

Thanks for reading us!